Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Day 3

 We are almost to the end of day three on this wonderful journey and although the kids miss their dad they have figured out something oh so wonderful dad is gone and mom is in charge, which thus begins the delightful game of who can make mom crack first. Oh come on if you are a parent you are fully aware of this game, in which the children's heads begin to spin and conjure up as many horrible acts as they can in an effort to make you the parent completely insane. The interesting thing about this is that the once everyday head spinning child (Katelyn) is now not the worst behaved one, her younger sister(tori) has graciously decided to take on this title for her. As I type this she has stolen underwear from her sisters room and is now running around with them on, which I guess is much more suitable then her declaration last night of "nakee time"(naked time) as she ripped off her pull up and chucked it.

All in all we didn't have a bad day we managed to mail off our first care package to the hubby even though we have no real idea of his were abouts at the current moment(some were out there)
I ordered a new book on amazon this evening ,You Know When the Men Are Gone
Siobhan Fallon. from what I can tell it should be good. Something to keep me busy I guess. Overall I think I’m surviving thus far (check back in a week or so and things may be different) on the plus side I have been able to catch up on my shows in the evening and no one to make comments on just how many chocolate caramel eggs I eat lol.. On the negative side nights are really silent once the girls are asleep allowing me to hear every creek or noise in the house which I now find myself leaving the entry way light on at night. I guess the first few days for me are just about adjusting. We were fortunate in that my hubby was able to spend so much time at home with us in the weeks before he deployed ( 2 kidney stone procedures) so now its just me and these crazy kids here adjusting to this whirl whin life that we call the army. On that note I will end saying that I love my soldier and we are very proud of what he does. Please add the folks of BSTB in your prayers tonight as they all begin the long road ahead

No harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent.
For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you in all your ways.
Psalm 91:10 - 11

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  1. I know you will be able to make it work. I have loved being able to get to know you through Bethany. You are such a good person and mother. Our thoughts and prayers are with you!